Certified Rigger/Signalperson

American Truck School has developed the most effective and affordable rigger/signalperson training programs in the market today.

Our experience in mobile crane operator, rigger, and signalperson training gives you the optimum level of expert instruction, written and practical testing, Our rigger training programs will give you all the information you need to successfully pass your C.I.C. Written and Practical exams. To become a Nationally Certified Rigger/ Signalperson


Rigger/Signalperson General Overview:

The written exam covers the following topics.

  • Rigging Identication & Inspection - 25%
    • Slings
    • Rigging Hardware
  • Use of Rigging Equipment - 45%
    • Basic Hitch Configurations
    • Knots and Tagline Use
    • Sling Protection
  • Signaling - 30%
    • Basic Understanding of Crane Operation & Limitations
    • Crane Operation
    • Limitations
    • Crane Capacities
    • Site Considerations
    • Safety Issues/Hazards
    • Standards/Regulations
    • Standard Voice Communication

The Practical Exam covers:

  • Your practical exam will cover the standard ASME B30.5, B30.2 and B30.3 Hand Signals.

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Certified Rigger/Signalperson Course

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