4-Day Course + Class "A" or "B" Rental

Our 4-day course covers everything you will need to know to become a certified crane operator through C.I.C.

Your certification will be for telescopic boom crane. Both small (fixed cab) And Medium (swing cab) cranes. This is a National Certification Recognized anywhere in the world.


  • Types of Crane
  • Crane operation characteristics
  • Frequent and periodic inspections
  • Wire rope types and inspection
  • Proper set up
  • Evaluating ground and soil stability
  • Use of outriggers , blocking and cribbing
  • Quadrants of operation
  • Accident cause and prevention
  • Load charts
  • How to use a range diagram
  • How to read and apply load charts
  • Use of jibs and extensions
  • Structural Vs. stability
  • Effects of side loading
  • Personnel lifting
  • Powerline contact prevention
  • Crane hand signals
  • OSHA 1926/1910
  • ASME B-30.5

In addition to our daily classroom instruction. There will be practical training. Which will include:

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Proper Setup
  • Control and Function
  • Skills Training
  • Controlling The Load

Articulating boom crane certification available.
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4-Day Crane Training Course


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Truck rental includes ($595 Value):

  • 4 hours with a qualified instructor
  • Certified commercial driving instructor will accompany you to the DMV for your test.
  • 97% success rate on first time testers.
  • Refer to American Truck Schools LLC for more details.

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